How to Convert to Modern

Farmhouse from Traditional


Ok, so you want to go Farmhouse but not too Farmy?  

Here are 5 ways to Achieve that Look

  • Paint the walls, ceiling, and trim in a “White”: I know sounds simple enough, but which “White” Benjamin Moore has 155 whites more than any company.  The most important factors when choosing this all important paint color is  lighting, what complements the tile, counter, or flooring.  Some of my favorites to consider:  White Dove, Simply White, Cloud Cover, Dove Wing, & many more.


  • Minimize the Stuff: We all have too much stuff. You do not have to have a grouping on every table or in every corner.  The key is to keep or have simple items that are meaningful.  


  • Add Aged woods, metals (black or bronze): This coupled with your white or lighter paint can add interest. You may already have some of these pieces, hence go to number 4.  Which prompts you into using what you have and not throwing everything into the landfills.  


  • Repurpose A Few Key Pieces: If your accessories can be modified or repurposed by aging the wood pieces by bleaching the finishes or painting metal items.  Painting small side tables or chests in a navy, charcoal or with a pop of color.  I am loving the green, so fresh and my prediction for Color of the Year. 


  • Simplify pattern: A rug, fabric, or wallpaper can add just enough to add some color in your newly defined almost ”White” space.  Shiplap is HOT, but it doesn’t have to be this type of trim, adding texture is what completes the look.  Painting brick or stone or adding a simple grass cloth pattern can give you that little bit extra to complete the vision.